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How to find a Lead Maternity Carer:

Note: GPs in the Hutt Valley do not currently offer maternity care.

Looking for an LMC. Every woman in pregnancyshould have an LMC, who will monitor your wellbeing and how your baby is doing. See the links above. This may be a midwife or obstetrician. There are two choices for an LMC in the Hutt Valley:

A Community midwife

There are approximately 40 self-employed midwives in the Hutt Valley community. They care for women and their families from the beginning of pregnancy up to six weeks after the birth. This is a free service paid for by the Ministry of Health if you are eligible.

Midwives usually work in group practices, so they have ‘back up’ if needed (to cover sickness, days off, etc.). You may be seen in a clinic or some midwives provide some home visits. They also work closely with the hospital’s midwives and maternity unit.

What to look for in a midwife click here for more information https://www.midwife.org.nz/women-in-new-zealand/what-to-look-for-in-a-midwife

Not all LMCs offer home birth. If you are interested in having your baby at home ask the LMC if they provide this service.

A private obstetrician

You may decide that you want a private obstetrician to be your LMC. They will charge for their services.

Obstetricians are doctors who specialise in pregnancy and childbirth. They provide antenatal care at private clinic rooms and manage your labour and the birth. For your labour and birth care they use the services of the midwives from the hospital.

There are 3 private obstetricians available in the Hutt Valley. Their clinics are at Boulcott Hospital and your antenatal visits will be at Boulcott Clinic. If you choose to pay for a private obstetrician a hospital midwife will also be part of your care. The obstetrician will use Hutt Hospital facilities including the birthing suite and maternity ward. The maternity ward includes single and double rooms, which are allocated based on clinical needs.

Hospital obstetricians

Hospital obstetricians are not available as LMCs. You may be referred to this service for health reasons. This is called the "Secondary Care Obstetric Clinic” and the service is free of charge if you are eligible.

General Practitioners

There are no GPs in the Hutt Valley that offer maternity care but it is important that both you and your baby are enrolled with a GP practice in your area. You will need to access a GP for any non pregnancy related medical needs.

Hospital midwives

Hutt Maternity have a staff of core midwives and nurses employed by the DHB. They work rotating 8 hour shifts. They offer hospital-base support for LMCs, and provide post-natal care to all women when in hospital.

You may have hospital midwifery care if:

  • your pregnancy care is with the DHB Primary Midwives Team
  • your pregnancy care is with the DHB Secondary Care Team
  • you have a private obstetrician as your LMC (the hospital midwives work along side the obstetrician to provide your labour care)
  • you don’t have an LMC
  • you arrive at hospital before your LMC arrives (a hospital midwife will offer support and care until they do)
  • you stay in the postnatal ward for a period of time after your baby is born

If you are unable to find an LMC contact Maternity Enquiries administration staff: Ph. 566 6999 ext. 8163 for assistance