Heading back home

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Most people will only stay in hopsital for around 48 hours after having their baby (women who have caesarean sections usually need to stay two or three days longer). You may be able to go home earlier if you want to - some people even go home directly from the Birthing Suite. The decision about when to leave will be mutually agreed between you, your LMC and hospital staff.

You don't need to "sign out" but you will be given discharge papers, and a copy for your LMC when you leave.

You need to ensure your baby goes home in a safe car seat

You’re LMC or a midwife will visit you at home within 24 hours to see how you and your baby are doing. You'll have regular home visits for 4-6 weeks. Midwives are funded for additional visits should you be having difficulties with breastfeeding.