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Published Saturday 5 May 2018

Happy International Midwives day

“Happy International Midwives day “

The International day of the Midwife is celebrated each year on May 5th to highlight the important role midwives play in the health of mothers and their families.

Today we celebrate the awesome job that midwives in the Hutt Valley do every day, 24 /7. Caring for our 1900 mums and their babies through their pregnancy, labour and postnatal period, as well as helping to support them in parenthood and caring for a new human being in our community.

This year we have all worked as a combined team to move our service forward and provide the care needed for our mums and their babies. You all work extremely hard to enable our women to achieve the most and to be the best parents they can be parenting our next generation.

Working with our colleagues in the health care system in our hospital and community is a team approach and raising our children is all our responsibility and we owe it to our mums and babies to help them achieve their full potential. I know you will continue to go into our community driving equality for all in relation to health, home and safety.

I am extremely proud of you all and the incredible job you do every day in diverse and often difficult environments. You do this, working with multidisciplinary health professionals to ensure our families navigate pregnancy and new parenting. A very big thank you to everyone and enjoy your day and continue to take pride in the great work you are doing for our most precious possessions!

Happy midwife’s day

Chris Mallon

Director of Midwifery & Service Manager Womens and Childrens health HVDHB