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The $9.47m redevelopment of maternity facilities on the Hutt Hospital campus is well underway.

The Community Midwifery service, Maternity Assessment Unit, Maternity ward (birthing and postnatal) and the Special Care Baby Unit, will be redeveloped in four stages over the next two years.

The redesign will optimise birth experiences and increase the physical space available in the maternity outpatient areas, birthing and postnatal care, and special care for babies.

A variety of internal and external stakeholders were engaged with on design principles and key themes to underpin an ideal physical environment to better meet the needs of pregnant women/persons, babies and their whānau.

After significant engagement and consultation with internal and external stakeholders and the wider community, key themes were identified including; designated functional spaces, an environment that reflects a person’s journey, culturally responsive design and whānau inclusive spaces.

This work is part of a wider review and strategic planning process in relation to maternity and neonatal care that achieves equitable and optimal outcomes and experiences for pregnant people, babies and families across the Hutt Valley region.

The hospital setting is only one part of the equation—we are also focused on improving equity and outcomes for Māori, Pacific and other families whose needs are not always met by traditional models of care.

Phase one: Community Midwifery Service

Building works have now been completed in the Community Midwifery area. The team is now located on the ground floor of the Community Health Building in their new office and clinical spaces.

Phase two: Maternity Assessment Unit

The second phase of the project will see the redesign and expansion of the Maternity Assessment Unit (MAU). This phase of the project will see the construction and design of dedicated spaces that are sensitive to the specific needs of those accessing our care. The development of dedicated early pregnancy clinic rooms and a redeveloped waiting area will provide improved privacy, increased space and support to women/persons and whānau experiencing loss.

Construction is set to start during October.

Image: Detailed design of Maternity Assessment Unit reception and waiting area

Image: Detailed design of clinic assessment room in Maternity Assessment Unit.

Phase three: Maternity Ward

The third phase of this project will see significant work undertaken in the maternity ward to increase space, improve privacy and enhance clinical outcomes through purpose-built environments.

This will involve the redevelopment of birthing and postnatal rooms to create fit for purpose, culturally inclusive, whānau friendly and private environments.

This phase of the project will also see patient bathroom upgrades, a purpose built whānau room, improved clinical spaces for storage of equipment, and multi-purpose areas for whānau meetings, staff training and clinical handovers.

This work is expected to be completed by September 2023.

Phase four: Special Care Baby Unit (SCBU)

The redesign of SCBU will increase the space and capacity of the unit, providing a fit for purpose environment that is private, culturally responsive, has dedicated functional spaces and better access to/storage of specialised equipment. 

Improvements will include expansion to provide additional cot space, purpose built isolation, separate acute assessment areas, dedicated rooming-in spaces, and improved whānau facilities.

This phase is expected to be completed by September 2023.