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The Maternity Assessment Unit (MAU) has temporarily moved to Level one of the Heretaunga Block in the "surge unit", while construction work on our new space is completed.
There are three main work streams in MAU:

Secondary Care Obstetric Clinics:

Women can be referred to our Secondary Care Obstetric Clinics by their LMC, GP or other Health Professional, using the Guidelines for Consultation with Obstetric and Related Medical Services (Referral Guidelines).Referrals from GPs are via the E-Ref system, and from LMC Midwives delivered to, or faxed to MAU on (04) 587 2809. Referrals are triaged by an Obstetrician and the women will be contacted re an appointment.

Obstetric Assessments:

MAU includes acute assessments of women who are stable enough to be seen in an outpatient setting over 20 weeks gestation, and are referred by their Lead Maternity Carer. Those that required assessment outside of MAU hours or need a higher level of care are assessed in the Maternity Unit on level 2.The assessments may be undertaken by the LMC, utilising our facility, or by our Midwife as arranged.Examples of this include women with pre eclampsia for day case assessment, women with reduced fetal movements, or those requiring Anti D administration etc.
This may also include a small number of women who are unable to return to the Secondary Care Clinic for urgent review following an Ultra Sound Scan, due to the availability of clinic slots.

Early Pregnancy Assessment Clinic (EPAC):

The EPAC commenced in 2011.It includes assessment and management for stable women experiencing pain and/or bleeding in early pregnancy.Referrals to MAU should be written and faxed
to (04) 587 2809.


What are the criteria for Referral to MAU?

Our criteria for acceptance of women to the EPAC are:

· ≤ 19 weeks + 6 days

· Positive pregnancy test (Urine or BHCG)

· Stable



We will NOT see:

· haemodynamically unstable

· hypotensive

· heavy PV bleeding, passing clots/tissue

· requiring ambulance transfer

· unstable known ectopic, or high risk of ectopic eg history of ectopic, iliac fossa pain, and spotting

· Not requiring advanced analgesia (more than paracetamol/anti-inflammatory)

What do I tell the woman and whanau?

The MAU EPAC staff will contact the woman to arrange what time to come in and what other tests the woman may need before her visit.This should occur before 09.30 am.If the woman does not hear from MAU by 09.30 they should ring the EPAC in MAU on (04) 587 2652.

Advise the woman she may:

· have an USS or further blood tests

· see either or both a nurse, midwife and/or doctor

· undergo a pelvic examination +/- swabs

Advise the woman what to do if out of hours and situation worsens, eg present to Emergency Department.