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One in five women have a miscarriage during the first 10 weeks of their pregnancy. After 10 weeks the risk of miscarriage drops significantly.

The most common symptoms are cramping and/or bleeding. If you are concerned, contact your LMC or doctor for advice. Often a scan will confirm if there has been a miscarriage. However sometimes further tests are needed. Hutt Maternity have a dedicated Early Pregnancy Assessment Clinic where your GP or LMC can refer you to if any concerns. The assessment clinic runs Monday to Friday.

If you are experiencing heavy bleeding or pain contact your LMC or the emergency department.

Most women recover physically soon after a miscarriage, but it can be very upsetting and grieving is normal.

For support following a miscarriage contact the Miscarriage Support Group

You can also read our Patient Information booklet collated with The Wellington Miscarriage Support Group here.