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The following services are available at Hutt Hospital:


Acupuncture is available to treat pregnancy-related problems and assist in preparation for childbirth and postnatal care. This is available on Monday and Thursday afternoons.

This free service is provided by the hospital in conjunction with the New Zealand School of Acupuncture and Traditional Chinese Medicine. To make an appointment call (04) 5666 999 ext. 8164.
Warning: this is very popular within our service so make contact early if you think you would like an appointment.


If you have pregnancy-related back and/or pelvic pain, carpal tunnel syndrome or urinary incontinence your LMC can refer you to the Hutt Hospital Physiotherapy Department for advice, help with exercises and/or pelvic belts/supports.

Physiotherapists visit the Maternity Ward every week day. They provide advice on exercise and self-help techniques for the period after childbirth to help with getting mobile, pain relief and strengthening muscles.

Social Worker

People experiencing issues related to their health can get support from the Hutt Hospital Social Work service. We provide practical support and access community services to help with stress, anxiety, grief, depression and other issues.

Phone (04) 570 9620. Ask to speak to the Social Worker for Women's Health.

Childbirth/Antenatal Education

It’s a good idea to attend an antenatal class (sometimes called pregnancy and parenting education). These classes give you, your partner, your support people and family/whānau guidance on the things you need to know (and decisions you will need to make) during your pregnancy and when your child is born. It’s also a great way to meet other prospective parents.

You can read more about our antenatal education providers here.