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Published Friday 20 Mar 2020

Information for visitors to hospitals and clinics

New visiting hours

As part of our work to keep everyone safe from COVID-19, we are asking people to please limit their visits to patients in hospital and to wait outside if picking patients up.

Other measures to help prevent COVID-19 from entering our hospitals involve limiting patients in high-risk areas – such as ICU – to one visitor at a time, and two visitors at a time on other wards. We are also asking people not to bring in visitors aged under 12 years-old into the hospital.

Visitors to our hospitals can expect to be asked a few questions when they arrive to ensure they are well enough to enter the hospital, and will be expected to sanitise their hands when entering and exiting the hospital.

Anyone who is unwell, or who has been in contact with someone who might have COVID-19, should definitely not visit. People who clearly appear to be unwell will not be able to enter the hospital and will be asked to contact Healthline, their GP or referred to the Emergency Department.

We understand that families and whanau want to support their loved ones while in hospital, and clinical staff will work with them if there are special circumstances.

We ask people to please respect this new approach and we thank everyone for their patience while we try to ensure our patients, visitors and staff can remain safe.

*** There are some exceptions such as a nominated person as a birthing partner for women in labour ***