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Positively Pregnant

Positively Pregnant is a free New Zealand-based app that provides tools to help you to think, plan, and find the resources and strategies that work for you and your growing family to stay healthy and happy during this important time.

If you’re pregnant, or planning a pregnancy, or just want to take a look, download Positively Pregnant and have a play!

Search Google Play or iTunes stores for ‘Positively Pregnant’.


Here you will find information about pregnancy and parenting to help you stay safe and healthy during your pregnancy and to care for baby when he or she arrives. Learn about what you, your partner and/or family can do to ensure mother and baby are healthy, find links to different services and resources such as videos, and read stories written by other parents about their experiences in Tala (story) Tapuaki. Download the Tapuaki app to find a midwife or to see what baby looks like week by week! Heaps of other cool options too.
Search Google Play or iTunes stores for ‘Tapuaki’.